Thesis-related literature reviews

Input pre-processing

Mellebeek, Bart; Owczarzak, Karolina; Van Genabith, Josef & Way, Andy. (2006) Multi-Engine Machine Translation by Recursive Sentence Decomposition. AMTA, Boston, MA.

Turcato, D., Popowich, F., McFetridge, P., Nicholson, D. & Toole, J. (2000) Pre-processing closed captions for machine translation. NAACL-ANLP 2000 Workshop on Embedded machine translation systems – Volume 5. Seattle, Washington. pp 38-45.

Lavie, Alon; Gates, Donna; Coccaro, Noah & Levin, Lori (1996). Input Segmentation of Spontaneous Speech in JANUS: a Speech-to-speech Translation System. ECAI Workshop on Dialogue Processing in Spoken Language Systems.

Beeferman, Doug; Berger, Adam & Lafferty, John (1997). Text Segmentation Using Exponential Models. Proceedings of the Second Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing.

Post-editing and correcting (MT) output

Lee, John & Seneff, Stephanie Automatic Grammar Correction for Second-Language Learners. Proceedings of Interspeech – ICSLP, Pittsburgh.


Rule Refinement

McClure, Steve & Flanagan, Mary (2003). Overcoming the MT Quality Impasse
(Study #29917). Online Article.

MT Evaluation

Melamed, Dan; Green, Ryan Green and Turian, Joseph P. Precision and Recall of Machine Translation. HLT 2003.


Online Games-related reviews

Lazzaro, Nicole (2005). Why We Play Games: Four Keys to More Emotion without Story. Online Article.


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